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Who is winning the Guardian Games 2022 in Destiny 2?

Winner, winner, Eliksni dinner.

by Aidan O'Brien

The Guardian Games are once again setting Destiny 2 alight. Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks are all competing to be the number one class in the game. To do this, they need to dive into all the activities in the game and grab as many medallions as they can, then bank those medals to earn points for their team.

Who is winning the Guardian Games?

After three hotly contested weeks, the Warlocks have managed to snag the win. This gives them their first event crown and now puts the overall standings at one win for all three classes. This makes next year’s event even more important, as it will be for all the bragging rights.

How much are medallions worth?

This year, the scoring has changed, and the weighted scoring for different classes is gone. Instead, players will earn medallions. The point values below are based on last year’s event and will be updated if necessary.

  • Bronze: 1 Point 
  • Silver: 2 Points 
  • Gold: 5 Points 
  • Platinum: 15 Points 

Harder in-game activities will reward higher-value medallions, so players who dive into Raids, Dungeons, and other endgame activities will be learning plenty of points for their teams. Players can also earn Strike Medals within the Guardian Games playlists by performing specific feats during their activities. Platinum Medallions can be earned by completing special Platinum Cards.

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