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Who is the Next Killer in Dead by Daylight?

Who will you be hunting your victims with?

by Aidan O'Brien

Dead By Daylight is a fan-favorite game, and with good reason. Taking on the role of either the killer or the survivors is a lot of fun, and the game has more than enough variety to appeal to lots of different people. A constant hot topic for fans is who the next killer will be in Dead by Daylight, so in this article, we plan on keeping track of these menaces so you are never caught by surprise as you try to survive.

Who is the next Dead by Daylight killer?

While Behaviour Interactive has not formally announced the next Dead by Daylight killer, we do have plenty of information thanks to some leaks from Leaks by Daylight. Reputedly, the next killer will arrive in time for the game’s anniversary.

Dead by Daylight can pull killers from popular horror media, or create originals, and the next threat to enter the game is supposedly an original called The Dredge. With the real name Otto Stamper, The Dredge is apparently a mentor of The Doctor and was a survivor of The Institute before being taken away by The Entity. The Dredge will apparently have access to skills called Septic Touch, Darkness Revealed, and Dissolution.

  • Septic Touch: When survivors try to heal in the killer’s Terror Radius, they will suffer from Exhaustion and Blindness for six seconds.
  • Darkness Revealed: Whenever the killer opens a locker, the auras of survivors within 16 meters will appear for three seconds.
  • Dissolution: Three seconds after the killer injures a survivor, the Entity will break any pallets that a survivor fast vaults over within 16 seconds, eliminating the obstacle.

The leaks state that there will also be a new map arriving with The Dredge, called The Thompson House.

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