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Where to Find Nicholas the Fallen Boss Fight in V Rising

by Nikola Pajtic

The open world of V Rising brings a ton of enduring moments against many different enemies and bosses. One of the main ones is Nicholaus the Fallen and while he might not be the hardest boss to beat, it is very important because he provides you with highly needed powers, but we will talk about it later. Let’s focus on the more integral part. Here’s how to find Nicholaus the Fallen in V Rising.

Where is Nicholaus the Fallen Boss in V Rising? 

Nicholaus the Fallen is a level 37 boss, which means he won’t be that tough to beat if you don’t challenge him early on. 

You will need some special weapons to slay this V Blood foe so we suggest you raise your Gear Level High enough. Also, it would be best if you crafted several weapons, including:

  • Merciless Copper Weapons
  • Merciless Crossbow
  • Merciless Night Stalker full armor set 
  • Mist Signet

Now that you have all the needed gear, head to the Farbane Woods. This location has high volumes of undead enemies and is where you can farm bones, grave dust, and Mourning Lilly. However, more importantly, it is where you will find the boss. He is at the top of the Forgotten Cemetery. Climb the steps to the top where you will find Nicholaus the Fallen. 

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Face the opponent, and once you down him, extract the V Blood and you will receive Pestilence and Ward of the Damned powers. You will also get the recipe for Study. 

Nicholaus the Fallen shouldn’t be too hard to kill, but only if you have leveled up your gear and keep circling him while performing Chaos, Aftershock, and Rain of Bolts attacks. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find this V Boss and for more V Rising tips and guides, click on the tag below the article. 

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