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Where is Merrick in Sea of Thieves? – Merrick Location Guide

by Prima Games Staff

Merrick is a fairly important NPC character in Sea of Thieves, who is normally stationed at the Stephen’s Spoils Seapost. In his usual spot, he’s the representative for The Hunter’s Call in that area. But right now, there’s a limited time event happening called the Lost Sands, which has moved him to a totally different location. Where is Merrick in Sea of Thieves? Long story short, he’s at the Golden Sands.

Lost Sands is Sea of Thieves’ latest Adventure, and it’s running from May 27 to June 9, 2022. This is the game’s most ambitious Adventure yet, with a branching storyline and supposed consequences for the state of Sea of Thieves based on player choices. The result is still yet to be determined, but depending on what happens we could see permanent signs of the event in the game world well after the event concludes.

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Merrick is a big part of the Lost Sands story, and one of the main options for players is to help him rebuild the Golden Sands Outpost. This space has been attacked by the Reaper’s Bones, and players also have the choice to support that side of the conflict instead. But if you want to see Golden Sands rebuilt, you’re going to want to bring specific supplies to Merrick, who is temporarily stationed at the remains of that Outpost.

To help Merrick and earn points for that side, you need to repeatedly bring certain resources to him. You can turn in rum bottles, fruit crates, wood crates, relic caches and sailcloth crates to score points. If you’re in the anti-Merrick camp you’ll be taking those same items to the Servant of the Flame instead. You can also take relic caches the Reaper’s Smuggler at Cannon Cove, or attack Soulflame Rowboats in the Golden Sands area.

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