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What is Lethal Equipment in CoD Mobile and How to Use it

by Nikola Pajtic

CoD Mobile is filled with different weapons that can secure you the win. Lethal equipment is an essential part of any Call of Duty Mobile loadout – but what is it and how do you use it?

All Lethal Weapons and How to Use Them in CoD Mobile

Lethal weapons are sub-weapons that do area of effect damage. Divided into categories, they can be thrown or planted.

Here is every lethal weapon in Call of Duty Mobile and how they’re used best:

Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade has a radius of 50. It is a typical grenade so simply throw it at your enemies and watch them run for their lives. It is best combined with an aggressive class with an SMG.

Trip Mine

With a radius of 40 and a damage output of 65, the Trip Mine will explode if an enemy steps on it. It is available once you reach level 36. Combine it with a sniper to cover the flank.

Sticky Grenade

Similar to the Frag Grenade with a damage of 70 and a radius of 50, it is unlocked at level 17. The critical difference between the Frag and Sticky Grenade is that this one is able to stick places, making it almost invisible to your opponents.

Molotov Cocktail

Unlocked at level 10, the Molotov Cocktail explodes on impact and will ablaze the affected area. With damage of 60 and a radius of 40, it is a valuable weapon for any class to fend off attacks.

Combat Axe

When used, the Combat Axe changes the battle’s outcome by default. With the damage of 100 and a radius of 35, it kills instantly on impact. The best thing is that it is retrievable.


Thermite has a radius of 50 and deals damage of 40. It can stick to any surface of an object and, for a short period upon impact, cause massive fire damage, burning the opponents. Imagine the pain.

All these lethal weapons can change the course of the match to your benefit. Use our guide and instructions to combine certain weapons with particular classes. Experiment on your own and come up with perfect combinations.

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