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Vampire Survivors: Where to Find the Coffin in Gallo Tower

by Nikola L
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Vampire Survivors received an update recently, bringing the game to version 0.5.2. This patch has added eight new achievements, and in this article, we show you how and where to find the coffin in Gallo Tower,

How to Unlock Concetta Caciotta in Vampire Survivors

Gallo Tower is Stage 4 in Vampire Survivors, and if you do not have it unlocked yet, you can do this by reaching level 60 with any character in the Dairy Plant stage (which is the previous stage).

When you enter the Gallo Tower and hit the Escape button on your keyboard, you will see a question mark on your map in the upper section, above the Gauntlet.

If you do not have the map, you can find the Milky Way map on the first stage. Please refer to our guide for unlocking the map here.

In order to reach the coffin in Gallo Tower, you will need to walk up for a couple of minutes (depending on your character speed and the enemies that you encounter along the way). Once you are near the question mark, walk close to the left wall. One of the silver-tinted windows will be glowing, indicating that it’s in fact a portal to the chamber where the coffin resides.

To enter the portal, simply walk into it and you will find yourself in the chamber.

Proceed down and you will be surrounded by a pack of enemies which you must defeat in order to unlock Concetta.

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After all the enemies are defeated you can step on the coffin to unlock it. The usual animation will pop up and voila! You have a new character.

One last thing you need to do is to purchase her from the character selection screen, and then you can play with her.

Concetta’s Special Ability is that she gains +1% Area every level, which over time greatly augments the area of her attacks, and is a very decent late-game character because of this.

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