Vampire Survivors New Achievements Guide (Version 0.3.0)

Vampire Survivors New Achievements Guide: Version 0.3.0 (March 2022)

A dairy plant overrun by monsters! Imagine the smell!

by Lucas White

Vampire Survivors got another big update just as March got started, bringing it to version 0.3.0. This update adds several new achievements, and there are so many because there’s also a new level, character and item. This update also marks the end of Vampire Survivor’s update schedule, from “whenever” to about once every two weeks.

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If you’re current with the achievements so far, then congrats! Surviving a full run with Lama is a heck of a task. For help with that, you can always check out our previous update guides. Anyway, These new achievements are pretty linear, as you’ll unlock from one what you’ll need to use for the next. And it all starts at the Inlaid Library.

Dairy Plant
Reach Level 40 in Inlaid Library

This level is way more fun than the first one, but you may be sick of it by now. Luckily, getting to level 40 is a pretty simple ask. You don’t even have to finish the run! Just grab a character you like, roll over some mobs for a bit, and boom. Quit back to the menu and you get your cheevo.

This one unlocks the new level, the Dairy Plant. You may have noticed the levels have labels now in the UI, designating them as numbered levels. Neat, I guess! The Dairy Plant is a very different kind of level, suggesting things will only continue to escalate in Vampire Survivors.

Milky Way Map
Find the Milky Way Map
Hyper Dairy Plant
Defeat the Sword Guardian in the Dairy Plant
Coffin: Dairy Plant
Find and open the coffin in the Dairy Plant

I grouped all these ones together because you can get them in one or two runs. The Dairy Plant is a huge level with lots of weird terrain, but it also introduces new gimmicks.

First, there’s a brand new item, the Milky Way Map, just hanging out in the area. As soon as you start, there’s a green arrow pointing towards it. This unlocks a map, which shows you where you are in relation to certain collectibles.

The map should show you a “?” somewhere, but if it doesn’t you might need to start a new run after grabbing the map. Chase that and you’ll come across a spooky coffin!! We might finally see some vampires in this game, or maybe not. Touching the coffin actually unlocks the new character for purchase, Poppea.

The Sword Guardian is simply a matter of having a good run that lasts long enough for that boss to appear. Easy!

Song of Mana
Survive 15 minutes with Poppea
Evolve the Song of Mana

You can get the last two in one run as well! For these you can pick any level or difficulty you want, so go wild. But you aren’t out of the woods yet. Remember Curse? Yeah, you need to inflict it on yourself via the Skull O’Maniac item. It seems like Poppea is a sort of foil to Lama, tying both characters to self-imposed challenges. Or it would if Poppea wasn’t a weapon of mass destruction.

The Song of Mana is a ridiculous weapon that only gets more ridiculous with upgrades. By the end of my run with Poppea I was able to just set my controller down and watch for boss enemies. You know, just to wiggle the stick a little if they breached the barrier I created with my holy arsenal.

Song of Mana, and later Mannajja, has amazing synergy with the Empty Tome and Spellbinder, which also translates to the Holy Wand and Unholy Vespers. Her bonus gimmick is an extra 1% of duration for every level. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but then you realize unlike other bonuses, this one doesn’t have a cap. So after about 40 levels or so, Poppea transcends her mortal vulnerability and also a stable frame rate. Enjoy!

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