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The Best Smoke Spots in Mirage CS:GO Map

You might wanna look up a glossary too

by Lucas White

Mirage is one of the most popular maps in Counter Strike: Global Offensive right now, so if you’re trying to learn how to play in 2022 that’s one of the maps that’ll guarantee you games. One of the biggest parts of CS:GO is smoke grenades, which the playerbase refers to as simply “smoke.” That’s a noun, not a verb; we’re talking about “smokes” as in “strategic locations to place smoke grenades.” You can also call them “smoke spots.” Either way, these are specific areas on maps that are key locations for smoke grenades. We’re gonna leave the minutia to the pros, but here’s an overview of the best smoke spots in the Mirage CS;GO map.


“Mid” is a term describing an open space between both bombing sites. This is where the early game contention points are. There are three major smoke spots in the mid area.

Arrow: Connector – Circle: Window

Sniper Nest/Window

This spot is pretty self-explanatory. The biggest hurdle for the T side (terrorists/attack) right away is this open space that gives the CT (defense) side an early and effective campsite. Setting up smoke here is going to be one of the best ways to even get things started on Mirage.


The Connector is a tunnel of sorts with stairs, that take you directly from Mid to the first bombing site, A. Obviously this is a major choke point, thus smoke is extremely useful for either side.


This is a space in a corner between the Connector and Sniper Nest that is a funnel for CT to get to the Window/Connector, and a space T likely has to deal with to leave site A.

Site A

Left circle indicates entrance to Jungle


The Stairs are what you’ll see after going through Connector from the Mid side, or from a distance if you’re CT or T using the Roof and Ramp route instead of Mid. They slop down towards Connector and looks more like a large square from the other side.

CT Stairs

There are two routes out of CT’s spawn point that lead to site A, so this is the opening that doesn’t connect to the Jungle. A pretty obvious place to want to mess with visibility.

Site B

Left: Long Door – Right: B Window

B Window and Long Door

To defend site B, CT’s direct route is through the Kitchen. The B Window and the Long Door are both incredibly useful spots for long distance fighting, and if you’re on the offense you can’t avoid contending with them regardless of which way you’re approaching.

Now here’s the fun part. You don’t just lob or place a smoke grenade on these spots to use them effectively. No, you have to be a master of physics to get smokes when you need them. There are established points on the map you can make, essentially, trick shots to lay down smoke from a safe distance. Then, the smoke clouds last for about 18 seconds, so ideally you coordinate a push with your team and that’s when to start throwing. I’m nowhere near close to being a professional in this game, so here’s a video from “PimpCSGO” that explains these methods super well.

Now that you’re armed with this information, you need to arm yourself with practice. CS:GO is in intensely competitive game, and in many ways is one of the most hardcore FPS games that people actively play. So you have your work cut out for you. But if this is the kind of research you’re doing I’m sure you’re well aware. Good luck out there.

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