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Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Revealed Ahead of Bigger Preview

Another example of annual games taking time off and coming back swinging

by Lucas White

The Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account, the one with the memes everyone likes, dropped a bombshell today. It’s only about 30 or so seconds including logo stuff, but we got our first peep of Sonic Frontiers gameplay. This certainly looks like the most ambitious Sonic game yet, with open world-style design and what looks like fairly complex combat. Check out the video for yourselves right here:

It’s exciting stuff, especially for Sonic fans who’ve been waiting since 2017’s Sonic Forces to see what the next 3D game looks like. While we were briefly introduced to Sonic Frontiers at The Game Awards last year, this small clip is the first look at the game itself.

Sonic Frontiers looks like a huge world, but one that still retains classic 3D Sonic elements such as grinding on rails. But here those rails seem to jut out of mountains and hang in the sky as permanent fixtures. I’d say “aerial combat” but it would be unfair to compare what Sonic is doing in this video to the old homing attack shenanigans.

Combat looks like a big deal in Sonic Frontiers, as we see Sonic execute some degree of combo attacks alongside what appear to be more showy individual techniques. We also see him running in a giant hamster wheel-like device that emits some kind of wave out through the surroundings. Perhaps that’s how you fill in the map or something?

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More information on Sonic Frontiers will be coming in June, although it will be part of the “IGN First” brand and therefore exclusive to that website. You can read our coverage after the fact if you’d like! You know, for us, as a treat.

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