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Rogue Legacy 2 Tips for Beginners

Above all: no dodge roll, no i-frames, only airdashing

by Lucas White

I’m on my way to the end of Rogue Legacy 2, and to be frank, I’m getting my ass kicked. But that’s okay, because thanks to the way I’ve been playing, it’s mostly been smooth sailing. A few more upgrades and I should be fine. But for the newer players out there, Rogue Legacy 2 might seem pretty daunting. What to do first? Is XYZ good or bad? I figured, let’s do a basic Rogue Legacy 2 tips piece. Check it out.

Rogue Legacy 2 Tips

Find your Class and Keep It!

Rogue Legacy 2 has several classes, and they’re all pretty different in how they play. So it’s definitely a great idea to get those unlocks as soon as you can, to experiment with the different options and find what clicks. Then, once you have a favorite and start earning Soul Gems, there’s an upgrade that lets you lock the rightmost character slot. So keep an eye out for that as your journey deepens.

Rune Capacity and Resolve

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to pump up your HP and attack when you first start Rogue Legacy 2. But after a few of those, I really recommend upgrading your rune capacity and resolve ASAP. Resolve means you can use more relics without HP penalties, and there’s no reason not to stack as many runes as you can possibly carry. Everything else will come along after.

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Giving Charon Money is Good, Actually

Charon is back to being a pain about your money, but this time there’s a twist. You can unlock a sentient safe that recaptures 10% of your gold from Charon upon starting a new run. There’s also an upgrade that gives the safe higher and higher percentages. But don’t touch that one! There’s a third Charon-centric upgrade called Charity Dungeon. This turns Charon’s greed into a philanthropy effort and gives you a universal stat boost for every cumulative donation threshold you hit. The safe will even tell you what your current bonus is and how much you need for the next one.

Fill in the Blanks

You’re going to run into too much crap to keep track of in your head. Luckily, Rogue Legacy 2 will fill in the blanks for you. Every time you encounter a new trait or relic or what have you, you’ll see a bunch of “?” as its descriptor. But once you try it the first time, you’ll know all the details from then on. It may be tempting to try and avoid traits with drawbacks, but it’s worth grabbing everything at least once just to fill out your knowledge base.

Chat With the Homies

If the folks back at base have a little ellipsis bubble above their heads, that means they have something to say. It’s usually just fluff to flesh the characters out, but there is an end to each dialogue chain. And once you get to the end for each character you get a pretty crucial reward.

Spin Kick Everything

The Spin Kick is super useful, not only as a way to get around but also beneficial in combat. Need to get away fast? You can kick off of most projectiles and enemies. Also, you can kick off weak points in walls hiding secrets. It’s hard to see the wall cracks on some terrain so it’s a good idea to hit around sometimes!

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