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Rogue Legacy 2: How to Get the Poisonous Thoughts Insight in Stygian Study

You need all the help you can get against these bosses

by Lucas White

The insight system in Rogue Legacy 2 is interesting. Basically, fulfill certain obtuse tasks and you’ll get some lore, and a percentage bonus to damage against the area’s boss. The more insight you have on who the boss is, the more of their ass you can kick per attack. One insight in particular is giving folks some trouble. Here’s how to get the Poisonous Thoughts insight in Stygian Study.

Stygian Study is the fourth area in Rogue Legacy 2, and it’s really when the game’s challenges start ramping up. It’s also where you get the Void Bell, which gives you Void Dash, which increases your dash length and lets you go through Voids, both enemies and barriers. This is what you need first to get this insight taken care of, so simply explore Stygian Study until you get that. It’s the same process as the other heirlooms so you know what to look for at this point.

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Once you can Void Dash, you want to find or relocate the huge room full of books, three red doors and Void barriers blocking the middle door. There are goodies in the left and right doors, but the one in the middle is… another large room full of books. But one of those books is facing a different direction from the others. You can read that one, and you will need to read it multiple times across a few runs to initiate Poisonous Thoughts.

Now you need to find the unique chamber people are calling the “cloud room.” And once you find it, it’s obvious why. The room leads to what looks like a bottomless pit, with purple, thundering clouds filling the rightmost edge of the screen. Turns out there’s also a bridge, you just can’t see it. But before you just jump off the edge and hurt yourself, you have to make it appear. Press the “interact” button near the edge to make it appear. Then you can cross the bridge, and you’ll need to press interact again in the little room to swap the bridge for some platforms. Interact with the orb and there it is.

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