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Rogue Legacy 2 Equipment Unity Guide

by Lucas White

Of all the ways to make those numbers go up in Rogue Legacy 2, dumping resources into the Blacksmith’s Forge may take the most time and investment. From unlocking better loot via the Soul Shop to re-finding the same pieces over and over for upgrades, you won’t be maxing anything out on your first playthrough. But it helps to know what’s coming so you can plan what to invest in, right? So here’s a full Rogue Legacy 2 equipment Unity guide.

  • Leather – Resolve
  • Scholar – Focus
  • Sanguine – Lifesteal
  • Ammonite – Armor
  • Crescent – Intelligence
  • Drowned – Strength
  • Gilded – Ore/Aether Gain
  • Obsidian – Vitality
  • Leviathan – Siphon
  • Kin – Return Damage (scaled with Vitality)

Rogue Legacy 2 Equipment Unity

So here’s how it all works. Equipment is made up of five categories:

  • Weapon
  • Helm
  • Chest
  • Cape
  • Trinket

Selecting a piece not only gives you regular stat bumps, but there’s also a Unity score. Each category has its own stat association, as listed above. Once you hit certain percentage thresholds, that stat will go up and the menu will fill in the blanks if you haven’t already.

Upgrading a piece, which you can do once you find the pieces repeated times in the castle, ups the base Unity percentage. You will also need Ore in addition to Gold, which drops from chests and certain enemies. You can upgrade the castle for higher Ore gains and more sources such as breakables.

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For every piece, each stage is worth 5%. The exception is the trinket, which gets 10% per upgrade. The thresholds for Unity bonuses proc at 20%, 50%, and 100%. The value of the bonus varies pretty wildly. For example, getting Ammonite to its first Unity bonus nets you +30 armor, but Drowned only gives +15 strength.

Some Unity bonuses provide different effects besides stats. For example, Sanguine provides additional Lifesteal Runes on top of what you already have from the Enchantress.

What you can equip is limited by your carrying capacity, which you of course can upgrade in the castle. The list above is in order based on the game’s scale, meaning going down the list means more expensive upgrades and much higher weight. Kin equipment is very powerful in terms of raw stats, but it’s also tremendously heavy and upgrades add to weight as well.

We recommend mixing different styles of equipment, at least earlier on when you don’t have fully upgraded sets to choose from. That way you can experiment with the different categories and upgrades to see how those bonuses intersect with your playstyle.

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