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Rogue Legacy 2: All Scar Locations and Requirements

Yeah, I got tired of this nonsense and turned House Rules on, sue me.

by Lucas White

We’ve spent way too much time in Rogue Legacy 2, and I’m about ready to move on. There are still some loose ends to tie up here and there, but the worst is behind us. Or is it? Along with the Mysterious Key and the True Ending, finding all the hidden Scar locations may be Rogue Legacy 2’s third huge challenge. Not only do you need to find them, you have to meet the requirements to make them appear in the first place. We’ll list that out for you here of course, along with some handy screenshots. I did it all myself, because no reasonable human should do this to themselves without help.

How to Find Every Scar in Rogue Legacy 2

Mending Erebus
You get this one after beating any boss for the first time. The Drift House will appear and you’ll find Geras inside. This sleepy hooded man will introduce you to Scars as a concept and get you started with your first one.

A Simple Start
Get all the way to the end of Mending Erebus and you’ll get this one. Easy enough, but you aren’t done here!

Heavy Weapons

There’s another Scar hiding in Mending Erebus. Progress until you come across a tutorial message informing you these secret collectibles are indeed secret and collectible. There’s a fireplace here and a cracked wall right next to it. Very cute, Cellar Door Games.

Two Masters

You’ll see this one after you defeat the first boss in Citadel Agartha, Estuary Lamech. In the very first room, even! It looks out of reach, but a Ranger can just drop a platform and walk right up to it.

Narrow Praxis

Pizza Mundi is a weird room, full of breakables that never drop anything. But once you break the stuff over to the left you’ll see a big crack in the background. There won’t be a prompt, but press the interact button while standing in front of the crack and you’ll be zooped into a new room. The Scar will appear in here after you defeat The Void Beasts of Axis Mundi boss fight.

Bladed Rose

Remember where you got the double jump in Kerguelen Plateau? Head back here after you defeat Estuary Naamah and look for the crack in the wall behind the statue.

Closed Space

This one is hiding in that huge book room in Stygian Study. You know the one, blocked by the two Void barriers between the relic and apple rooms. On the third row down, interact with the barrel all the way to the left. This room will contain the Scar after you defeat the area’s boss, Estuary Enoch.


When you reach the storeroom in Pishon Dry Lake, don’t break anything! One of the notes will tell you where the accessories are stored. You need to stand on that exact spot, interact (once again without a prompt) while standing on that barrel, and of course, defeat the Estuary Tubal boss.

Spreading Poison

You won’t be able to find this Scar until a NG+ run, after you defeat the Prime version of Estuary Lamech. In the room that leads to those Gonghead Void Beast jerks, there’s a crack in the roof. Hop up there once you have a few extra double jumps and get the Scar.

Preserver of Life

Defeating Prime Estuary Naamah will make this Scar appear in Axis Mundi. It’s on the roof of that final building with the boss door. Specifically the screen before, but it’s the same building. Hop up on top outside to the left and it’ll be hanging out without any further hurdles.

The Two Lovers

For this one, you’ll need to return to the “cloud room” in Stygian Study, after you defeat the Prime version of Estuary Enoch. Get over to the observatory where we found the Poisonous Thoughts Insight. As you can see in the screenshot, make sure you have the platforms enabled in the tower instead of the cloud bridge. Walk past the telescope and hug the wall to the left as you fall. As long as you have those platforms up, you’ll land on one you can’t see. Walk left and find the hidden door for the Scar.

Nightmare Premonitions

Head to the “lantern room” in the Citadel after you’ve defeated the Prima version of Estuary Irad and break the cracked wall you can see in the screenshot. The Scar will be in this hidden area if you’ve met that requirement.

The Atlantis Spire

This one has a weird requirement so make sure you’re paying attention! First, you have to defeat Estuary Tubal’s Prime form, of course. But that isn’t enough. You have to come back to Pishon Dry Lake in a different run before you’ve defeated a single boss fight. If you do that you’ll see the water level in that bottom Unique Chamber (the one with the teleporter and tuning fork) has dropped significantly, revealing a cracked wall.

The Armada

Once again you’ll be headed towards where you got the double jump heirloom in Kerguelen Plateau. A new Scar will appear on the small platform in the water after Prime Tubal is defeated.

Divergent Dimensions

This may come as a shock to you after reading the rest of this guide, readers. To make this final Scar appear you’ll need to have Prime Cain in your rear window. For maximum player torture, you have to be in the room unlocked by the Mysterious Key to find this Scar.

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There it is. Much like the True Ending, you’ll have to be at a minimum of NG+7 to be eligible to find all this stuff. Those Prime bosses are going to haunt you for the rest of your life. Have fun!

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