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Rogue Legacy 2: All Armor Sets Listed

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Rogue Legacy 2 All Armor Sets Listed

Rogue Legacy 2 is a sequel that turned an interesting 2013 original concept into one of the best modern roguelike releases, or as the authors from Cellar Door Games like to say, it’s a genealogical rogue-lite. You live, you fight, you die, and you leave a legacy for the next generation. In this guide, we’ll focus on the fight part, specifically on the various armor sets your characters might wear while attempting to establish a brighter future for their descendants.

All Armor Sets in Rogue Legacy 2

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Leather Set

“A beautiful piece of weathered leather.”

The Leather armor set is the first one your character will wear in Rogue Legacy 2, and it provides some bonus Resolve, but not much in the protection department. Later on, it is only suggested for players that have a lot of experience in dodging attacks.

Scholar Set

“A simple outfit worn by the acolytes up in the Study.”

This set’s main benefit is in Focus and Random Magic Crits attacks, which provide a significant advantage in all types of Magic Damage. This set is best suited to the Bard class because of their note explosion attack, but it is also one of the best in the game for all other caster classes.

Gilded Set

“Made of gold filaments and blessed with the Midas Heirloom.”

The Gilded equipment comes considerably later in the game, but it offers few actual bonuses. Low stats combined with a very expensive upgrade price make this armor set among the worst. The Unity bonuses that the Gilded set provides may be somewhat useful in Ore, Aether, and Gold grinding in NG+.

Warden Set

“Armor worn by the royal guards who patrol Citadel Agartha.”

The Warden Set is a subset of the Scholar Set, which focuses on random Crit Attacks and Dexterity. It is particularly effective against classes like Knight and Duelist, and it has the highest Armor to Weight ratio of any set in the game.

Drowned Set

“Soaked in the Stygian Ocean for a hundred years and imbued with the Shift.”

The Drowned set of equipment is the polar opposite of Warden gear, focusing on high Strength numbers and consistent Weapon Damage rather than unpredictable Crit Attacks. Because this is a mid-game set, the cost of upgrading it is slightly higher.

Sanguine Set

“Magically imbued and stitched together with bloody thread.”

The Sanguine set adds unique dynamics to the fight, such as life regeneration with every strike you inflict, making this build one of the best for all players looking for an aggressive approach focused on strength stats.

Ammonite Set

“A heavy outfit made of ancient stone.”

The Ammonite Set comes with numerous fantastic Unity Bonuses that can easily reward you with excellent Armor stats. This equipment is well suited for the game’s later and middle stages and is especially handy for Astromancers and other classes that can do without Vitality stats.

Crescent Set

“Made of ore from the falling moon.”

Because of its strong Intelligence and Focus attributes, the Crescent Set is ideally suited to the Gunslinger or Valkyrie classes. As one of the later-game sets, it is not overly pricey, therefore you must have it if you play with the mentioned classes.

Leviathan Set

“The royal accouterment of High Seers.”

If you want the most armor boost possible, the Leviathan is the way to go. This set also provides the greatest raw Intelligence stats, as well as Unity Bonuses that provide additional Mana on hit and healing. This set is not the best due to a lack of focus, but it is still a good choice for any hybrid or caster class.

Obsidian Set

“Black, ragged, and dangerous to the touch. Only a Mastersmith can handle such material.”

This late-game armor set has a strong emphasis on Vitality stats. Higher Vitality can be beneficial to almost all classes in the game, but the Obsidian Set is best suited to the Knight, Barbarian, Pirate, Boxer, and Dragon Lancer classes.

Kin Set

“Forged from Red Aether and imbued with a hundred enchantments.”

The Kin Set represents the ultimate equipment you can have and it is the best. The cost is, of course, quite high, but the effort required to obtain it pays well because it provides the best stats. To obtain the Blueprints for The Kin set, however, you must play the game in New Game +2 mode.

So, now that you have a basic understanding of all the armor sets in Rogue Legacy 2, it is up to you to experiment with all of the class and gear combinations, have fun, and don’t forget to leave a lasting legacy!

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