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Multiverse Officially Revealed by Warner Brothers, Targeting 2022

by Lucas White

After a fairly high-profile leak, we’ve now seen the official reveal of Multiversus, a new “platform fighter” from Warner Brothers Games. Just as the leaks suggested, this Smash Bros-like brawler features several different characters from WB’s deep pool of IP, from DC Comics to Game of Thrones. Developed by Player First Games, Multiversus is coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC in 2022.

As you can see in the trailer above, Multiversus is a free to play game that is built around 2v2 combat. Characters have abilities specifically designed for teamwork, such as Batman using smoke bombs to obscure his partner’s movement. Popular and/or current voice actors are included as well, such as Kevin Conroy for Batman, Matthew Lillard for Shaggy and Eric Bauza for Bugs Bunny.

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The initial launch roster has been confirmed as well, comprising the following characters:

  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Steven Universe
  • Arya Stark
  • Shaggy
  • Harley Quinn
  • Jake the Dog
  • Finn the Human
  • Wonder Woman
  • Garnet
  • Reindog (?)

Multiversus will be running with rollback code for online play, and signups are live now for upcoming testing periods.

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