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Lost Ark: How to Get the Hoverboard Mount

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic

You can travel around Arkesia on a variety of mounts in Lost Ark. While many players use the horse they get early in the game, others may have the Platinum Founders Pack special mount. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to obtain free mounts in Lost Ark. This article will walk you through the process of obtaining the Apostel Hoverboard and Neugier Hoverboard.

How to Get Neugier Hoverboard in Lost Ark

The Neugier Hoverboard is the easier of the two to obtain. It is a free drop that you can get through watching eligible Lost Ark Twitch streams. To participate in the event, go to Twitch and watch any broadcasting of the game with the “Drops Enabled” tag. You must watch for four hours to obtain the mount.

When you watch more than four hours of a Lost Ark live stream with drops enabled, you will receive a notification.
Before you may activate your drops, go to the Lost Ark Twitch Drops page and link your Twitch and Steam accounts. After that, any rewards will appear in-game.

After you’ve redeemed your rewards, return to Lost Ark and click the box icon at the top of your screen between the envelope and the login rewards button. After you claim it, you will see the Neugier Hoverboard in your inventory – right-click it to add it to your list of mounts.

How to get Apostel Hoverboard in Lost Ark

To get the Apostel Hoverboard in Lost Ark, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A level 50 character
  • Progress through the North Vern questline until you unlock Una’s daily and weekly tasks
  • Have 50% Adventurer Tome completion in Arthetine

Once you’ve completed these requirements, go to the island Facility X-301 and speak with the Defective Product NPC to begin the Serviceable Condition questline. Complete the objectives of the quest to earn the Secret Hideout Access Card. You should also have the Una quest Android Emancipation by this point, which requires you to defeat the Experimental Tarmakum boss.

You will gain 10 reputation points for each assignment completed and will need 150 points in total to obtain the Apostel Hoverboard. This implies you’ll have to retry the mission 15 times before you can get it. Fortunately, there is no time constraint for completing all of the activities.

For more Lost Ark help, check out how to complete the ‘Anytime Anywhere’ quest.

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