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Lost Ark: How to Get the Cute Emote

by Nikola L

Like in many games in recent years, Emotes have a strong presence in Lost Ark as well. There is a wide variety that you can gather throughout your adventure, and in this guide, we’ll go through how to get the Cute Emote.

How to Get the Cute Emote in Lost Ark

This emote is easy to obtain, and costs just 5,000 Silver. It is reaching the merchant that sells it, however, that’s just slightly more difficult.

First, head out to Peyto, a ship that is located in the Sea of Gienah, south of Pieccia Island (to be precise, south of the western edge of the island). For additional references, the Sea of Gienah is east from the North Vern island, west from Anikka, and north from Tortoyk.

When on the ship, head out to the northwest section of the deck by running on the left side of the ship, and after you climb up a flight of stairs, you will find a merchant that has a bread stand filled with bread baskets behind him on the right.

Talk to the merchant (Yurei is the name, with the title “Dessert Merchant“) and switch to the Luxury Goods tab in the top left of the window that opens when you speak to them.

Once obtained, you can learn it by clicking on it in your inventory. After the casting bar for this process fills up, your Cute Emote will be available from your Emotes menu. You can also use it by typing the command “/Cute” in the chatbox and register it to a Quickslot.

This emote is needed for a Rapport quest on the Whispering Isle called “We Will Be Together“, handed out by Nineveh.

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