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Is Green Man Gaming a safe and legit site for game codes? – Answered

No stolen credit cards here.

by Prima Games Staff

There are lots of PC gaming marketplaces out there, and several of them are more than a little shady. Trading redeemable game codes is tricky, and there are stories of games being purchased with stolen credit cards before being sold. But there are plenty of legit sites too; sites that sell codes for other platforms but do so through non-shady (presumably) means. Is Green Man Gaming one of those sites?

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Yeah, Green Man Gaming is a safe and legit source of videogame deals. It seems like they work directly with publishers and are able to negotiate bespoke discounts that are often different from the ones you see elsewhere or even Steam itself. You won’t have to worry about random code deactivations after purchasing a game. GMG recently started selling Xbox games as well.

If you need further convincing, Green Man Gaming isn’t just a store these days. The company has branched out into things like publishing, offering a collection of games of its own from various developer clients. You can look at the website and see a bunch of different services advertised, from helping with taxes to managing online stores.

Green Man Gaming is based in the UK, which could be part of how it’s able to get its own deals through AAA publishers. Or maybe not. Either way, this company has been around for 13 years (there’s a birthday sale going on right now!) and that’s due to business practices you don’t have to worry about as a customer.

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