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Is Gamivo a Safe and Legit Site for Game Codes? Answered

by Nikola L

Gamivo is yet another gray market where gamers from across the globe can sell and buy game keys.

Headquartered in Malta, it’s been around since 2017 and is aggressively trying to assert itself as one of the best third-party marketplaces for game codes.

What is the Gray Market?

Essentially, it’s a type of market where unofficial transactions between a buyer and a seller take place. We’ll call them unofficial because the seller is technically selling a key obtained from an unknown source where the buyer is not certain what is being delivered to them after purchase or if the code works at all, especially because it is not officially obtained from the developer or an authorized distributor directly.

What’s GAMIVO Smart?

When we skim across the reviews, it seems that the majority of negative reviews of Gamivo are complaints about their Gamivo SMART subscription. A subscription to this “Gamivo SMART” subscription is automatically selected on their purchasing page before you finish the checkout process on your device for basically any purchase on the site. It is not the only site that does this (a lot of companies offer trials for some products which upgrade into a paid service after the trial period is finished), so we advise you to be on the lookout during any checkout at any website.

Customers rate this business practice as dishonest and would prefer it to be unselected so that the buyer can make an informed decision on whether to subscribe to the Gamivo SMART or not. Some people claim they took months to notice recurring charges on their payment method and claim that there have been difficulties in getting their money back.

Here is a quote from Gamivo’s official page regarding this subscription product:

Simply put, it is our VIP subscription program. For a small fee you will get access to exclusive discounts. You will have a chance to get selected products with 10% rebate. What’s more all of your pre orders will be delivered in top priority. You don’t have to pay for Customer Protection Program anymore! Additionally you can use our new exclusive feature – live chat with support team. That’s not all perks of GAMIVO Smart, yet! After becoming our premium user you will unlock alert system for the best deals. Last but definitely not least are outstanding giveaways that are already waiting for you!

How Gamivo Stands on TrustPilot

At this point in time, nearly 27,000 reviews exist on TrustPilot for Gamivo. The overall rating is 4.3 which is quite fair. 76% of the users have rated the site with 5-star service. They respond very fast to every negative feedback and guide the unhappy customers back into the customer support ticket system.

Here we would like to point out that some members of our staff had issues with two codes purchased on Gamivo, and their support has resolved both of the problems in a timely fashion (it took a few business days), and the agents were very professional, thorough and polite during the email correspondence. Of course, similar to any third-party game code sale website, caution is advised for the customers.

So, is Gamivo a Legitimate and Safe Website for Game Codes?

When you purchase on Gamivo, you embrace all the risks that are common when purchasing digital goods on unofficial/unlicensed third-party websites. As mentioned above, make sure to uncheck the box for any bundled subscription before finishing your order if you do not want to sign up for anything that you do not want or do not need. As with most online purchases, exercising usual cautionary measures is always advised.

After this Gamivo review, we are offering you more reviews of similar online stores below and hope that you’ll successfully find a safe deal to your liking.

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