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Is Gamesplanet a safe and legit site for game codes? Answered

by Nikola L

Gamesplanet is an online store for PC game keys, often sold for less than the recommended retail price. But is Gamesplanet a safe and legit site for game codes? Here’s everything that you need to know.

Is Gamesplanet a Safe and Legitimate Website for Game Keys?

Unlike other similar websites, this one has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

One thing that is rare about Gamesplanet is that, unlike other sites, it is an officially licensed game reseller since 2006. This is great because they guarantee that game developers and publishers are properly and legitimately compensated, as well as the fact that there’s virtually no risk to be had when buying and activating game keys from them.

You can also gift your purchased key to a friend/relative/acquaintance knowing that the gift recipient won’t have any activation issues, and on top of that, you are legitimately helping game developers and game publishers. The way this works is that Gamesplanet has legal contracts with certain game developers, which gives the website a small cut for every game key sold.

If any issue with your purchase arises, Gamesplanet has that covered as well since they actively maintain a lot of different communication channels with their customers. You can reach them on Facebook, Twitter, and by the usual email support channel.

Make sure to include all relevant information that can help the customer support agent identify and rectify the issue that you are having. Your order number, detailed explanation, and if possible, a screenshot, should be sufficient for most issues. This will help the customer support agent resolve the issue on their first reply.

Gamesplanet also has a refund policy in place as well, quoted below:

“You can cancel your order and get a refund within 14 days, after this period your right of withdrawal ends. If you pre ordered a game with us, you can cancel pre ordered products at any time. Once an activation key has been delivered to you, the 14 days withdrawal period starts and you have to enable the purchase. Once you enable a game, you’ve accepted the purchase and your right of withdrawal ends.

These are all of Gamesplanet’s websites:

  • (currency: USD)
  • (currency: EUR)
  • (currency: EUR)
  • (currency: GBP)

Nothing is stopping you from buying from any of these four digital storefronts if you find a better price for yourself, but keep in mind that some keys are region-locked (this should be indicated by “WILL NOT ACTIVATE IN YOUR REGION” message under the “Add to Cart” button) and that the region lock is probably the reason why it was cheaper in the first place.

Please also note that we do not encourage VPN usage for purchase and activation of the codes on Steam that are not native to your actual location, since Valve has a tendency to ban such accounts for breach of Terms of Service. Our advice is to play it safe and simple, even if it costs a buck or two more.

What Payment Methods Can I Use on Gamesplanet?

Gamesplanet has, depending on the location/domain, a different set of acceptable payment methods, and we will list them all below. Please note that you will see the ones that are enabled for the site you’re using during the checkout process:

  1. Credit Card
  2. PayPal
  3. Bank Transfer (Sofort)
  4. Amazon Payment
  5. BitPay (with Bitcoins)
  6. Paysafecard
  7. Skrill

To summarize the article: Gamesplanet is safe and legit to use for your game key purchases. Your private and payment information is SSL secured according to the industry’s current standard, and since it’s one of the rare distributors that is licensed, it’s one of the best choices to get activation keys.

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