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Is Eneba a Safe and Legit Site for Game Codes? Answered

by Nikola L

Given the rapid expansion of the gaming industry in the previous decades, following the trends for both new hardware and new games can be very straining to gamers’ wallets. Of course, this means that any discount a gamer can get is of high value. Eneba is one of the newest “Gray Market” websites for game codes on the scene (Founded in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2018) and is growing in popularity ever since its inception. In this article, we’ll investigate whether Eneba is a legit site for game codes or not. Most customers are satisfied with purchases on Eneba, but as with all similar websites, there is always a small chance that something goes wrong during the purchase process.

What is the Gray Market?

Essentially, it’s a type of online market where unofficial transactions between a buyer and a seller take place. We’ll call them unofficial because the seller is technically selling a key obtained from an unknown source. The buyer may not be sure what is being delivered to them after purchase or if the code works at all, especially because it is not officially obtained from the developer or an authorized distributor directly, but instead, in a third-party market.

What Does Eneba Offer?

Eneba offers game codes for a lot of platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Also, they offer codes that unlock paid in-game currency in games such as FIFA and subscription codes for PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live, and more.

It collaborates with a couple of well-known and well-renowned companies such as Konami and Team 17 which obviously provides a boost to the company’s credibility.

According to our research, Eneba has a strict vetting process and demands a thorough verification from anyone who wants to sell on their platform. Apart from providing personal information and proof of how they obtained the product they intend to sell, future sellers also have a short interview with a staff member. It’s rumored that the website accepts less than 10% of the members that apply for the seller role. In addition, bad sellers are promptly kicked out of the program, which is also a thing to consider.

How does Eneba look on TrustPilot?

Currently, Eneba has 84,000 ratings on TrustPilot. The total rating is 4.5 which is high compared to other websites in the same category. And we can clearly see that they respond to most negative ratings on TrustPilot in an effort to resolve the customer’s issue, which is also something that we should point out and commend.

Similar to what we say about other similar “Gray Market” sites, we also will emphasize that you should practice common security measures when you are purchasing online, no matter which website you are on. Eneba is mostly safe and legit for game code purchases, but as with any third-party site, it’s never 100% guaranteed, but given our research, it seems that any issues that a customer has get resolved eventually.

Double-check that the code you are buying is not region-locked to a region that’s not yours, mind the seller’s ratings, and you should be fine making purchases on Eneba. Our staff has had one issue with a code purchased on the website in the past and it was successfully resolved in a few days. Be mindful that experiences with such sites tend to vary, but if you must make your game code purchase outside the official distribution channels, it should serve you just fine.

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