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How to use the Sensor Backpack to scan for Energy Fluctuations in Fortnite

Wired for sound.

by Aidan O'Brien

A new week in Fortnite means new Resistance quests. This week, you will need to find and equip a sensor backpack, then use it to scan for energy fluctuations near the lake. The lake in question is to the north of Tilted Towers. This area is actually quite busy at the moment due to all the players trying to finish this challenge, so be careful and make sure you loot up first.

Sensor Backpack Location

Screenshot by Prima Games

The Sensor Backpack can be found to the west of Tilted Towers. All you need to do is head to the point shown on the map above, and you will find it lying on the ground. Interact with it to equip it, then make your way to the lake above Tilted Towers.

Screenshot by Prima Games

How to scan for Energy Fluctuations

Once the Sensor Backpack is equipped, it will automatically scan for energy fluctuations. As you get close to one, it will beep more often, eventually becoming almost a constant pitch when you are close to one.

Screenshot by Prima Games

There is also a light on the back of the sensor, a green light to show it is powered on, and a purple light that will flash. The closer you are to an energy fluctuation, the more it will flash until it once again becomes almost constant when you are close. After getting close enough, an energy fluctuation will reveal itself as a large orange glow on the ground. Interact with it to scan it fully.

Screenshot by Prima Games

We discovered ours just along the coast of the lake, to the northwest of Tilted Towers, so we suspect there will be one there for all players.

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