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How to Upgrade The Castle Heart in V Rising

Expand that heart.

by Jesse Vitelli

V Rising has a lot of different plates to spin at any given moment. Whether you’re collecting resources, building your castle, or upgrading your gear, you’ll need to keep track of a lot. On top of that parts of your castle can be upgraded to further protect you and your party from the dangers that lurk outside the walls. Here is how to upgrade the castle heart in V Rising.

How to Upgrade the Castle Heart in V Rising

The Castle Heart is, well, the heart of your castle. It’s the centerpiece that you want to protect at all costs. Without it, your castle will crumble. It also requires a healthy amount of blood essence in order to maintain it and stop it from decaying.

After doing some quests and building a solid foundation for your base, you’ll be asked to upgrade the castle heart. This can be done by going over to it and hitting the F key to open up the castle heart menu.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see whatever is needed to actually upgrade it. For instance, the first upgrade requires copper ingots and leather.

The copper ingots can be obtained from smelting copper ore in a furnace (which you will need to build), and the leather can be obtained from beating the second boss. Open up your blood altar and track the blood of Keely the Frost Archer. After defeating them, you will unlock the tannery, which allows leather crafting.

Once you have made 12 copper ingots and 12 leather, you’ll just need to hit the upgrade button on the castle heart to being the process.

As you continue to expand and defeat more bosses in V Rising, you’ll need to keep upgrading your castle heart to stay up to date with all of the best equipment you should be using.

That’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade your castle in V rising.

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