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How to Unlock Boon Marrabbio in Vampire Survivors

by Nikola L

Boon Marrabbio is a new secret character and one of three new characters total in Vampire Survivors patch 0.6.1. Boon is fairly easy to unlock and in this guide, we’ll show you how.

How to Get Boon Marrabbio in Vampire Survivors? Explained

The steps on how to obtain Boon Marrabbio in Vampire Survivors are fairly easy, but it will take you a bit to complete them:

  • Collect 100 Floor Chickens. You do not need to do this in one single run. The game counts the amount of picked-up chickens from the moment it is installed. If you have already picked 100 of them before patch 0.6.1, it will count them.
  • Pick up Skull O’ Maniac and Pummarola in the first stage (Mad Forest) or choose them when leveling up. They need to be at least level 1.
  • Follow the Pies (no seriously, we hope you’re hungry because this stage makes quite nice pies).
New viral dilemma: Is this a Pie or a Cookie?
  • From the moment the first Pie spawns the secret boss will start walking toward you. Following the Pies leads you right to him. He is located somewhere above the Metaglio Left and left from the Hollow Heart pickup spot on the map. He hits fairly decently and is not that fast, so this is just an attrition battle because he has just too much HP. It will take around 10 minutes. Upon defeating the shadowy entity, you can leave the game or conclude the stage in any other manner, and then purchase Boon Marrabbio.

Marrabbio’s starter weapon is the Thousand Edge. Their bonuses are +20 Max Health, +30% Movement Speed, +20% Might, -80% Greed, +10% Curse, and -110% Speed. This will in essence (depending on your speed level pre-game) either make the projectiles go backward, remain in place, or move forward very slowly.

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A bit of trivia for the end of the article: Their name is similar to Noob Saibot’s name from Mortal Kombat, and the Skull O’Maniac (head) and Pummerola (heart) probably refer to parts of the body that commonly get destroyed during fatalities in the game. Marrabbio is just Gennaro but recolored, similar to how Noob is a recolor of Sub-Zero.

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