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How to Track and Drink V Blood in V Rising

by Jesse Vitelli

There are a lot of systems in V Rising for players to dive into. As your castle expands and your Vampire levels up, you’ll be introduced to even more spinning plates to manage. For instance, you’ll be introduced to bosses and their unique properties. Here’s how to track and drink V Blood in V Rising.

How to Track and Drink V Blood in V Rising

If you’re looking to get V Blood in V Rising (a lot of V names we know), you’ll need first to build a Blood Altar. This will allow you to track targets that host enemies with it.

In order to build a Blood Altar, it will require 180 stone and 10 blood essence. You can then hit the B key to open the build menu and place it anywhere within the borders of your castle.

After dropping the Blood Altar, go up to it and hit the F key, which will activate it. After this, you’ll see a list of bosses that have V Blood. Click on one within your level range and click track.

You’ll then see a trail of red blood stemming from your character and moving in a direction. Keep following it until you run into the boss. Fight it, defeat it, and feed on it to get the V Blood.

V Blood is far more potent than anything else you can feed on. It will give you a variety of different bonuses depending on the boss you fed on. If you feed on a different enemy or animal, you will lose the powers so be sure to be careful when feeding again so you can retain the buffs.

Continue to track different targets using the Blood Altar to keep the blood flowing. That’s everything you need to know about how to track and drink V Blood.

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