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How to Reroll in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

by Lucas White

If there’s a new gacha game, that means there’s a fresh new discourse about rerolling. If you don’t know, rerolling is what gacha players call the process of starting a mobile game over repeatedly until they’re satisfied with their first free “pull.” Typically, it gives a full set of draws for characters or equipment, for free as part of tutorials. That’s the case in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, which gives you a free round of “Familiar” summons. Although we don’t really think it’s needed here, it’s easy enough to explain how to reroll in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.

To be frank, rerolling is already built-in for Cross Worlds. You’re allowed to simply click a button to reroll for that initial free summoning if you aren’t satisfied. The catch, however, is you only get 10 tries before you have to commit. Gacha games have been experimenting with baked-in rerolling for a while now, and this is what Netmarble is trying.

The reason rerolling is a question, is because gacha fans have a long history of digging under a game’s hood to figure out how to reroll. In past games that have involved re-registering, clearing phone save data, and other tricks or exploits. So it’s likely game developers have started building that stuff in as a measure to prevent the tinkering. Either way, rerolling in No no Kuni: Cross Worlds isn’t really a big deal.

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That’s because the initial summoning pool is quite small. You won’t be getting any exceptional Familiars from that first pull, and the rarity spread is fixed. You get one 4-star, three 3-stars and six 2-stars. It’s impossible to game the system in an attempt to get more 4-star Familiars.

And really, any result is fine for navigating Cross Worlds’ early hours. It is a good idea, however, to try and get a solid variety of colors and types if you can. There’s Attack, Defense and Support roles, and Fire, Water and Grass as types. So if you roll all attack types for your 3 and 4-stars, you may want to reroll to get something more spread out.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has multiple gacha categories, including Familiars, Costumes, and Equipment. You only get the one free roll for Familiars, although you do get some bonus tickets for starting the game during its launch period. So as you can see, dumping a ton of time into worrying about your first pull isn’t worth the effort.

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