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How to Preload Diablo Immortal

You could also just be patient, jeez

by Lucas White

Blizzard’s somewhat controversial Diablo Immortal is right around the corner. This mobile-first action RPG and pseudo sequel to Diablo II is set to launch on June 2, 2022. But it isn’t just coming to mobile; a PC version will also launch the same day, albeit still in beta form. As of today, PC players can go ahead and preload Diablo Immortal in addition to pre-registering on mobile platforms (which was already available). You can probably guess how, but just in case you need to know, here’s how to preload Diablo Immortal.

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For mobile platforms, you just need to open your marketplace of choice. Either on the Google Play or iOS App Store apps, simply run a search for “Diablo Immortal” and you should be able to click a button to essentially queue up an auto-download for when the software is available. Once it actually rolls out, your phone will automatically start loading the game.

On PC, you can go ahead and download the whole client right now! It’s a whopping near-27 GB though, so have fun with that. Like other Blizzard games, to preload Diablo Immortal you need to go through the client. Register an account if you haven’t already, download the software, then simply choose Diablo Immortal from the Games menu to get that bad boy installed.

If you’re wondering exactly when you can see if Diablo Immortal’s servers are functioning in your area, Blizzard also dropped a nice little infographic on when you can expect the game to roll out in your region. There’s no telling what state the servers will be in on day one, but that’s just how that goes with these sorts of things. But hey, it’ll smooth out soon enough and you’ll be click click clicking your way to carpal tunnel symptoms before you know it.

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