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How to Play Angry Birds in Minecraft

You have to buy it, sorry

by Prima Games Staff

Some interesting new DLC has come to Minecraft. An officially licensed Angry Birds DLC pack is now available for purchase on the sandbox’s marketplace. This gives you new cosmetics for your regular play, as well as two new game modes that convert the Angry Birds experience to Minecraft.

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In order to play Angry Birds in Minecraft, you do have to buy it. On the Minecraft Marketplace, navigate to the Angry Birds DLC and fork over 1,340 Coins. That’s somewhere between $5.99 (1020) and $9.99 (1720) so you’ll have some Coins left over, Nintendo Wii style.

via theomonty on YouTube

Once you’ve bought and installed the content, accessing it is a simple matter of starting a new “world.” Find the “Add-ons” menu in the bottom left corner, and pick Angry Birds in the Behavior Packs menu. You can see an example of what that menu looks like in the above example. Then you’ll be ready to play weird, blocky Angry Birds in first-person.

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