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How to Join and Leave Guilds in the Elder Scrolls Online

by Nikola L

A big part of any MMORPG that acts as a key difference between playing a single-player RPG and an MMO is participating in activities with groups of others. While you are mostly on your own and just occasionally receive aid from NPCs in a single-player, you are more reliant on assistance from other, living people, whether they are your friends that play with you or complete strangers.

In most MMOs, organized societies are called guilds. There are a lot of different types in ESO – here’s how to join and leave guilds in the Elder Scrolls Online.

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What are the Guild Types in The Elder Scrolls Online?

We’ll keep the list short:

  • PvP Guilds (which focus on Player vs Player activities)
  • PvE Guilds (which focus on Player vs Environment activities, mostly end game content)
  • Trading Guilds (which focus on growing their in-game wealth through trading)
  • RP Guilds (which focus on the Role Play aspect of the game)
  • Casual/Social Guilds (which mostly just want to do fun stuff together without any pressure)

How to Choose the Best Guild in The Elder Scrolls Online

Depending on your preferences, you can join up to five guilds. There are, of course, smaller, less formal guilds, and on the other hand, large guilds, with formal structure, an external website, and/or a Discord channel where you need to send an application in order to be considered as a new member. It all depends on whether you are into ESO hardcore or just want to play casually once in a while, given your time constraints.

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How to Join a Guild in The Elder Scrolls Online

  • You can join a guild by starting one of your own! To do this, open the Guild Menu (G default) and press E to commence the creation of your Guild. Please be mindful that you can only lead one.
  • You can also join a guild by selecting your desired category from the Guild Menu and applying from there. As mentioned above, some have a stricter and more complex process of application, while some are pretty casual and welcoming regardless of your character’s level and power.
  • For some casual and trading guilds, you can also ask if there are any openings in the guilds by using the /zone chat to talk to people within your current zone (type in “/zone” followed by your message) or by asking people you meet along your journey.

How to Leave a Guild in The Elder Scrolls Online

This is a fairly easy process. Once again, you need to open the Guild menu by pressing the G key (default bind). Then, you need to select the Guild which you want to leave, and simply press the X button on the bottom of the screen in order to depart.

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