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How to Increase Frame Rate in Elder Scrolls Online

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to get better fps in ESO

After many years since ESO was officially launched, it has received many expansions and patches that brought rebalancing and changes. Although the game is not overly demanding on modern PC hardware, many still want to optimize performance and extract the highest possible FPS. Here’s how to increase frame rate in Elder Scrolls Online.

How to Boost Frame Rate in Elder Scrolls Online

For starters, there is a new option that is still in beta but it can improve the FPS right away. Hidden in the video settings, there is an option called “Multithread Rendering.” When you enable it, you could see an instant framerate boost.

The other way to get an FPS boost in Elder Scrolls Online is to mess with the “UserSettings.txt” file. This file can be found at: Documents > Elder Scrolls Online > Live > UserSettings.txt but the link may vary depending on your installation. Once you locate it change the following parameters:

SET DistantFoliageEnabled “1” —> “0”
SET CachedRLREnabled “1” —> “0”
SET CachedReflectionResolution “4” —> “0”
SET CachedShadowFiltering “5” —> “0”
SET SHADOWS “4” —> “0”
SET GPUSmoothingFrames “10” —> “0”
SET ANTI_ALIASING_v2 “1” —> “0”
SET DETAIL_MAPS “1” —> “0”

Be sure just to change those 1s to 0s, and vice versa, but only once you have found them with the search option in the Notepad – don’t just copy-paste the code above because that would most likely corrupt the file. Once you have made all the changes and disabled many of those options that might give you a boost in performance, save the UserSettings.txt and boot up the game again.

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