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How to Get the Missing Bodies Insight in Rogue Legacy 2

by Lucas White

Looking for Insight solutions? Somebody certainly is. If you’re playing Rogue Legacy 2 and making your way through the Axis Mundi area, you may have come across the Missing Bodies Insight. And no matter how many times you go up and down the level, you aren’t making any progress. Then it’s time to fire up the search engine, am I right? Unlike some of the other Insights in this game, Missing Bodies is pretty easy. You just have to notice an incredibly difficult-to-see sign. That’s all.

The first thing you’ll have to do is get all the way to the end of the level if you haven’t already. Axis Mundi is the least Metroid-y of all the game’s Metroidvania-ness, so it’s more about not getting your ass kicked than not getting lost. If you have the Throne teleporting point already registered on your map that’s perfect. Regardless, your destination is the room right before the boss door, which incidentally also happens to be the screen hiding a Scar.

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The big landmark in this space is a pair of water wheels on top of each other. That’s where the secret spot is hidden. Get between the wheels and hit the ceiling with a talent or spell and that’s it. Hop into the building, bumble around until you find the path then open the door. Inside is a simple hallway full of black roots; bash your way through and the Missing Bodies Insight is waiting for you at the end.

If you’re hunting Insights in Rogue Legacy 2, you’re clearly trying to clear as much content in this game as possible. We can help, especially with the long-term goals such as the True Ending or perhaps the truly mysterious Mysterious Key? We tossed the Scar guide link up earlier already so we won’t link that again; that would be weird.

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