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How to Get the Gold Ring in Vampire Survivors

by Nikola L

The Gold Ring is a new pick-up available on all Vampire Survivors stages, but it’s also a secret item. Even though it’s simple and fast to find, you need to unlock some stuff in the game prior to getting it. It is a passive item that increases your Curse level by 5% for each level of it past the initial level (since the item has 9 levels, you can get Curse up to +40%). Here’s how to get the Gold Ring in Vampire Survivors.

Where to Find the Gold Ring in Vampire Survivors

In order to be eligible to find the Gold Ring, you need to unlock the Yellow Sign first (if you did this already, you can skip this step). After the Yellow Sign has been unlocked, secret items will be revealed to you on the minimap when you hit the Pause key (Escape key by default). Here’s how to unlock the Milky Way minimap if you haven’t done so already.

Gold Ring always spawns in the lower map part.

Done unlocking the Yellow Sign and the Milky Way Map? Awesome! Now, when you start up a game and open the map, you will be seeing a Gold Ring icon at the bottom. There is one exception to this rule in the game right now, and it’s on the Inlaid Library map. On it, the Gold Ring is spawning on the right side of the map due to Inlaid Library being horizontal.

Gold Ring, along with Clock Lancet and Silver Ring. form the Infinite Corridor, one of the best weapons in-game right now, which is necessary if you wish to take on the Red Death.

Guardian of the Gold Ring and the Gold Ring pictured in the Bone Zone.

It is, of course, possible to outright steal the Gold Ring from the cape-looking entity that’s guarding it. However, it will chase you until you defeat it, or until it defeats you. And it moves pretty fast. And it has an enormous amount of HP. Are you scared yet? It has a great damage output as well. There’s an upside to this because it drops a Golden Egg when you kill it, the same as the similar characters that guard other secret items. It will take you around 10 minutes to do so, though.

That’s all, folks! Happy secret item farming wishes are sent to you from our Prima Games office – we certainly hope that you are enjoying this game as much as we are. Make sure to check out our other Vampire Survivors articles by clicking the game tag below.

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