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How to Get the Glass Vizard in Vampire Survivors

Seriously why is Iori here and where did he get a bird

by Lucas White

The Glass Vizard is an intriguing new item you can unlock in Vampire Survivors in Moongolow, one of the newest levels. What this does is bring a merchant character into the mix who will sell you items in the middle of a stage. Sounds pretty neat, right? Especially if you’re done hoarding coins for upgrades. Here’s how to get the Glass Vizard in Vampire Survivors.

Like I said before, the first thing you have to do is unlock access to the Moongolow stage. Luckily, we have a guide for that too which you can catch a link for under this graf. Once you’ve done that and the thing after that (which is enough of a spoiler I don’t feel comfortable mentioning in detail), you’ll see a guy in the Moongolow image on the level select screen. He… he looks like Iori Yagami from The King of Fighters for some reason. Anyway, start a new run in Moongolow.

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Right off the bat, you’ll see our Iori-like friend standing right there in the middle of the screen as soon as you start. Run into him and a new menu will pop up, showing you some options for purchasing. Most of them are weapons or passives you can drop a grand on, but there are a couple more expensive ones. First is a Golden Egg, a new item that drops from specific “boss” monsters. The second is the subject of this goofy article, the Glass Vizard. Both of these items are a totally not unreasonable 10,000 gold. Yikes.

That’s all there is to it. Scrape the coinage together, buy the thing and Not-Iori will show up in every level. Just remember that if you exit his menu he’ll take off. So you only get one shot to buy stuff each run.

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