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How to Get Shaymin in Pokemon GO Fest

by Jesse Vitelli

Pokemon Go Fest is coming back. Starting on Saturday, June 4, 2022, and going through the weekend, players from all over will be able to celebrate with unique events. One of the biggest announcements is that Go Fest will feature the mythical Pokemon Shaymin this year. Here is how to get Shaymin in Pokemon Go Fest.

How to Get Shaymin in Pokemon GO Fest

Shaymin will be available for Pokemon Go Fest ticket holders this year. You’ll need to purchase a ticket in-game for $14.99, which will give you access to the Special Research going on throughout the event. This will allow Trainers to ultimately encounter Land Forme Shaymin at the end of the research chain.

There is no word on if Sky Forme Shaymin will appear during the event or if that will be introduced down the line.

When it comes down to going through the events of Pokemon Go Fest, the official website states two important decisions players will have to make. These decisions can not be changed later, so make sure to choose wisely to optimize your chances of getting everything you need over the weekend.

  • Personalize your event experience! Choose between Relaxed, Standard, and Master difficulty levels for your Special Research. The difficulty level you select will affect which sticker you receive as a reward, but will otherwise not change your Special Research rewards.
  • How do you like to play Pokémon GO? Select the gameplay focus you’d prefer—either Catch, Explore, or Battle—and certain Special Research tasks will change accordingly.

There is no other way to get Shaymin in Pokemon Go as of right now. So if you have your heart set on getting this Mythical Pokemon, be sure to purchase a ticket to the event and be ready to grind it out on June 4-5.

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