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How to Get Grave Dust in V Rising

by Jesse Vitelli

V Rising is packed to the brim with resources to gather like so many other survival games. You’ll need wood and stone to build the foundation of your castle, blood essence to feed the heart, and so much more after that. Here is how to get grave dust in V Rising.

How to Get Grave Dust in V Rising

There are actually a few different ways to obtain grave dust in V Rising. The first is from killing enemies. Some of the alter game enemies will begin to spawn it upon defeating them. There are a few locations where the material will drop:

  • The Forgotten Cemetery
  • Infested Graveyard

it makes sense that you would find grave dust near, you know, graves. While this is a little more time-consuming it’s a low-cost way to obtain small amounts of it.

You can also build a Grinder. While it’s a little expensive to make, it will ultimately make gathering grave dust much more consistent. It will require eight planks, four copper ingots, and four whetstones.

You don’t have to do anything specific to unlock the Grinder, it’s available to you from the tutorial and has a lot of different uses outside of grave dust.

It needs 100 bones to create one grave dust. At this point in the game, you probably already have a plethora of bones to drop in. If you don’t, you can kill low-level mobs of animals and guards to collect a healthy amount.

The final way to obtain grave dust in V Rising is to start building your own tombs to farm for it. If you have defeated the boss Goreswine the Ravager, you’ll unlock the ability to build tombs of your own. Which allows you to farm those enemies over and over again.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to obtain grave dust in V Rising.

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