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How to Get Dawnthorn Armor in V Rising

by Jesse Vitelli

V Rising will have players gathering materials to craft better gear, and then in turn gather more materials to craft even better armor. It’s the cycle of most survival games, and one it excels in. Endgame gear will take a lot fo resources to obtain. Here’s how to get the Dawnthorn armor in V Rising.

How to Get Dawnthorn Armor in V Rising

In order to get the Dawnthorn armor in V Rising, you’ll need to make it through the game. It’s one of the best sets currently and will require a lot of high-level materials to be able to craft.

The materials needed for each piece can be found below,

  • Dawnthorn Chestguard: 160 Scales, 12 Pristine Leather, 8 Ghost Yarn
  • Dawnthorn Leggings: 160 Scales, 12 Pristine Leather, 8 Ghost Yarn
  • Dawnthorn Gloves: 160 Scales, 12 Pristine Leather, 8 Ghost Yarn
  • Dawnthorn Boots: 160 Scales, 12 Pristine Leather, 8 Ghost Yarn


Scales can easily be acquired by defeating enemies like the Earthworm and other smaller foes around the world. If you’ve been playing to this point you probably already have an overabundance of scales, but if you need some more head over to the Cursed Forest and just kill mobs for a bit.

Pristine Leather

In order to obtain Pristine Leather, you’ll need to get some Pristine Hides from killing werewolves around the starting area. They spawn at night and aren’t super difficult to kill, especially if you’re leveled up. Grab a ton of these Pristine HIdes. You’ll need 15 just to craft one piece.

Once you have enough hides, you’ll need to go to your tannery and combine the Pristine Hides with Fish Oil. If you don’t have Fish Oil you’ll need to defeat both Rufus the Foreman (Fishing Pole) and Lidia the Chaos Archer (The Devourer.) This will allow you to fish and then break down the raw components.

Now you’ll be able to extract Fish Oil from the fish you catch. Dump the Fish Oil and Pristine hides into the Tannery to craft your Pristine Leather.

Ghost Yarn

Ghost Yarn is a difficult material to craft, you’ll need to defeat the level 60 boss Ungora the Spider Queen in order to obtain the recipe. Luckily if you don’t want to do that you can actually gather Ghost Yarn instead of crafting it, although it’s a little less consistent.

Head over to the Cursed Forest, a late-game area, and start searching around, you’ll find Ghost Yarn inside of chests in abandoned villages. This can prove challenging, so if you decide to go the crafting route, you’ll need a few things first.

In order to craft some of these materials, you’ll need the Tailoring Bench. This is obtained by defeating Quincey The Bandit King in the stronghold north of the Forbane Woods.

You won’t be able to get into the stronghold by normal means, in fact, you’ll need one of two different things.

If you’ve defeated Klive the Firestarter and have access to explosives, you can craft those to blow open the door to the stronghold.

If you have not done that yet, and you’ve defeated the Feral bear found in a cave on the west side of the woods, you’ll be able to use the V power to transform into the bear and take the gate down that way.

Once you’re inside you’ll need to take out Quincey to get the blueprint for the Tailoring Bench. This will allow you to make Ghost Yarn and other products needed for the Danthorn armor sets.

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