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How to Get Cotton Yarn and Cloth in V Rising

by Jesse Vitelli

Cotton is yet another one of the materials you’ll need to collect during your time with V Rising. Like every other resource, there’s a specific set of events that need to happen before you can actually start harvesting and producing it. Here is how to get cotton yarn and cloth in V Rising.

How to Get Cotton Yarn and Cloth in V Rising

To get cotton yarn, you’ll first need the base material, cotton. For this, head over to the Dunley Farmlands region of the map. From here, you’ll be able to attack cotton plants just like any other item in V Rising. If you get the message “your attack level is too low,” you’ll need to upgrade your tools at the workbench.

You will need at least the “Merciless Copper” set to get cotton. Once you have the right weapon, just go up to the copper and attack it to start gathering.

If you happen to obtain cottonseed, then you can use that to plant cotton back at your castle to grow your own.

How to Craft Cloth & Cotton Yarn

Obtaining cloth is a little more tricky. This will involve using the Blood Altar to track and kill Beatrice the Taylor. You need to do this in order to unlock the Loom blueprint, which allows you to begin crafting cloth.

Follow the trail of red blood coming from your character after tracking Beatrice to find her. This will most likely bring you to the Dawnbreak Village, where she will run away from you on sight. Chase her down, take her out, and the loom blueprint is all yours.

Now that you have the blueprint, build the Loom to start crafting cloth. It takes nine plant fibers and three leather. Plant Fiber can be gathered worldwide by attacking bushes and small plants. Leather is crafted using the Tannery.

Cotton yarn will require 20 pieces of cotton.

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