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How to Fix Pokemon Go Not Tracking Steps

by Nikola L

Despite years having passed since the release of Pokemon Go, millions still play it actively, indicating the original hype has no intention of declining. Many use the Adventure Sync option to track their distance traveled when the app isn’t open. The benefit is that you can hatch Eggs and earn Buddy Candy without running the game in the foreground of your device, which impacts the battery drain significantly. But what do you do if Pokemon Go isn’t tracking your steps? Here’s how to fix it.

Why is Pokemon Go Not Tracking My Steps?

There are a couple of known reasons why Pokemon Go may not be tracking your steps and we’ll provide a couple of methods that should fix the issue.

Method 1:

You need to see if your phone possesses the necessary sensors to track the traveled distance for you.


Open the Pokemon Go App permissions from Apps & Notifications > Pokemon Go > Permissions > and turn on “Location.” Some Androids (depending on the version) have a different approach to this setting, in which case we advise you to check a guide for reaching App Permissions online with the manufacturer, or by browsing/searching the settings.

Open the Google Fit app to see whether your device is recording the steps you are taking or not, as well as if Pokemon Go is properly linked. Open Google Fit and go to the Settings menu under “Manage Connected Application” and verify that the game is listed and connected. Also, check if your device is compatible with Google Fit as this is a prerequisite for this feature to even work.

Apple / iOS

Go to iOS Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Pokemon Go > Set the permissions to “Always.”

Open the Apple Health app to see whether your device is recording the steps you are taking or not, as well as if the Pokemon Go app is properly linked. Open Apple Health, go to Sources, and under Apps, check if the game is listed as a connected source or not.

Method 2

If the above doesn’t work, try the following:

  • Check if the app is updated in your App Store and if it’s not updated to the latest version, do so.
  • Check if the Adventure Sync is activated within the Pokemon Go settings.
  • Restart your phone and try reproducing the issue.
  • Log out of Pokemon Go AND the fitness app and log back into both (log into in the fitness app first).
  • If none of these work, reinstall the app from scratch.

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