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How to Craft Copper Ingots in V Rising

by Jesse Vitelli

Gathering resources and materials in V Rising is essential if you want to be the strongest Vampire on the streets. You’ll need to collect materials from all over and fight various bosses to obtain everything you need to be the very best. You’ll then need to take a lot of those raw materials and refine them into something more substantial. Here is how to craft copper ingots in V Rising.

How to Craft Copper Ingots in V Rising

In order to craft copper ingots, you’ll first need to obtain copper. This can be done by making sure your weapon is a high enough level to actually mine the ore from the vein. The earliest weapon you can craft to allow you to gather copper would be from the “reinforced bone” set. These are unlocked as soon as you build a simple workbench. Once you have one, you can make the weapons needed to mine copper.

Now that you have mined some copper, you’ll need to smelt them into ingots, which requires a furnace. Build one by clicking the B key to open the build menu. From here go to the refinement section and click on Furnace. You’ll need stone and copper to build it.

Once it’s built, you just need to drop the copper ore in the furnace and let it begin the process. One copper ingot is made from 20 copper ore, so you’re going to need a lot of it. Spend a few in-game nights gathering up as much as you can to mass-produce the ingots you’ll need.

You’ll need these to upgrade your castle heart, make copper armor and weapons, and a variety of other things during your time in V Rising. Always be on the lookout for copper veins to mine.

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