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How to Complete ‘Anytime Anywhere’ in Lost Ark

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic

The lack of clarity and general randomness of the Anytime Anywhere quest in Lost Ark is causing some players problems. It is one of the island quests that awards you with Island Tokens, which you may spend on rewards. If you’re having trouble continuing through this quest, the solution is below, so on keep reading for a guide on how to complete the Lost Ark Anytime Anywhere quest.

How to complete ‘Anytime Anywhere’ quest?

Anytime Anywhere is a roster quest that can be started by speaking with a character named Nison on the island of Kalthertz. It is advised that you get to the end-game by reaching combat level 50 first. You will also need access to the Lost Ark ships to do so. The island is located to the north of the world map, directly beneath Shushire (see the map below).

Anytime Anywhere requires you to liberate and speak with slaves on the island’s eastern side in order to learn more about Nison’s daughter. There is some nasty RNG involved, which can lead to you spending a significant amount of your Pirate Coins.

To find the slave market, travel to the eastern side of Kalthertz. Essentially, you must buy slaves and liberate them so that Nison can supply the information he needs. Their costs vary, and you should get the lowest ones. There is also a purchasing restriction of five every real-time day, which is where the quest’s unpleasant component comes into play.

After a day, the slaves you freed will give you chests with gifts (named Letters of Gratitude) and, if you’re lucky, information about Nison’s daughter. These may be obtained from the Mail Carrier NPC. You’ll need to get this information three times, and you won’t receive it all from the first batch of slaves you buy. Repeat this process until you acquire all of the necessary information, at which point you can finish the mission.

And that concludes the Anytime Anywhere quest walkthrough. For more Lost Ark guides, check out how to level Deathblade, learn to dismantle your gear, and find out ‘The Final Report’ quest location.

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