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How to Block Sunlight in V Rising

by Jesse Vitelli

V Rising has players take on the form of a Vampire trying to build and command the most prominent castle. As a Vampire, you’ll need to feed on animals, construct your stronghold, obtain materials, and hunt down bosses in the region to reign supreme. Going outside during the day might be an issue though. Here’s how to block the sun in V Rising.

How to Block Sunlight in V Rising

If you’re playing V Rising, you might have noticed that it’s almost impossible to get anything down during the day. That’s because as a Vampire, you can’t be in direct sunlight. If you’re in the sun for too long you’ll begin to burn and take excessive damage.

At first, you’ll need to construct a coffin to sleep inside of it during the day until the sun goes down and you’re free to reign over the night sky.

Using the natural trees to your advantage, you’ll be able to hide in their shadows if you want to get some gathering done, just don’t knock those trees down otherwise you’ll lose your source of shade.

The easiest way to avoid the sun is to build Mist Braziers. These are designed specifically to block out sunlight in a small area around them.

All you need to craft Mist Braziers is stone. Build a few of them and put them around your castle to provide safety for you and your companions.

These will require bones to burn in order to stay active, which you should have plenty of from killing animals and enemies around the world. Each one will burn for 60 seconds. Just be sure to turn off the Mist Braziers at night when they aren’t needed so you don’t waste fuel.

The more bones and braziers you have around, the less that pesky sun will bother you in V Rising.

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