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How to Beat 11-23 in Cookie Run Kingdom

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Beat 11-23 in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a fun mobile game that millions of people enjoy, but many players have difficulty with World 11 and the challenging opponents it contains. If you’re stuck in this world as well, take a look at our guide below.

How to Beat 11-23 in Cookie Run Kingdom

The place where most Cookie Run: Kingdom players hit a brick wall is Stage 11-23 where two tough opponents, Wizard and Strawberry, are. Without a doubt, these are two of the harder bosses in the game, especially since you fight with both on the same stage at the same time!

How to beat the Wizard Boss in World 11-23 of Cookie Run: Kingdom

The Wizard is the harder part of this challenge since he can easily wipe the whole party with one spell – so, even if you think you’re doing well, you always have to be careful. Therefore, in this double boss fight, Wizard must be a priority to down first. You will need several Cookies (Sorbet Shark Cookie or Vampire Cookie works best) and Treasures to succeed.

How to beat the Strawberry Boss in World 11-23 of Cookie Run: Kingdom

After the Wizard falls, it’s time to focus on Strawberry. While he looks cute like most opponents in the game, this boss can also do some serious damage – but he still can’t one-shot you like the Wizard. As he is a boss of the defense type, his strikes may not be the strongest, but he will be able to withstand a lot of your attacks. The best solution lies in the Summoners that can spawn creatures to serve as a shield against attacks. As soon as the boss swings its Lollipop weapon, summon the living wall to block the attack. Cookies like Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Licorice Cookie are especially useful here.

Best Treasures to Use in Stage 11-23 of Cookie Run: Kingdom

Pilgrim’s Slingshot, Miraculous Ghost Icecream, and Old Pilgrim’s Scroll are the most efficient set for beating the two problematic bosses in Cookie Run: Kingdom Stage 11-23.

Best Team to Use for Stage 11-23 of Cookie Run: Kingdom

The best team you can take with you into this fight are Sorbet Shark Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, and Hollyberry Cookie. Hollyberry is ideal to protect your team, while with Sorbet and Vampire do the most damage, and the rest of the party should be focused on healing because these two bosses can do huge damage quickly.

These suggestions should make one of the game’s most challenging stages much easier for you, but feel free to modify this strategy with your own ideas and tactics for even better results.

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