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Horizon Forbidden West Map vs. Zero Dawn

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Horizon Forbidden West Map vs Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn, released in 2017, is still a very nice-looking game with a very distinctive setting, but the 2022 sequel – Forbidden West – managed to polish everything that was great in the original while also bringing an even broader and more immersive world. If you are wondering what the actual difference is, check out the comparison below to see how much larger the Forbidden West world is than all available territories in Zero Dawn.

Horizon Forbidden West Map vs. Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn World Map

Although Zero Dawn’s world seemed huge at the time, when we look at it today, especially compared to the map from Forbidden West, it seems like a small playground. The map was divided into only a few different biomes, in addition to forests, deserts, and mountains, and there was also a snowy environment in the expansion of The Frozen Wilds.

Horizon Forbidden West World Map

The Forbidden West map is not only much larger than the Zero Dawn world but also brings far greater diversity in terms of the environment. It has a large number of different zones, each with its own different vibe, with distinct tribes and their customs, as well as all kinds of crazy robot animals roaming around. What is especially interesting about the Forbidden West map is that it is actually part of the east coast of the USA so you can find some famous landmarks that survived the apocalypse and are now part of the scenery.

Direct Comparison Between Forbidden West and Zero Dawn Maps

See the fan-made picture below for a direct comparison between the maps from two Horizon games:

Source: Reddit

And as a bonus, head over to MapGenie site for a complete interactive map of Forbidden West to get a better idea of how vast the world of this game is.

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