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Destiny 2: All Error Codes and How to Fix Them

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Destiny 2 All Error Codes and How to Fix Them

With all of Destiny 2’s new expansions and patches over the years, many error codes have accumulated. As it is an online shooter that requires constant communication with the server, many of these are related to connectivity and other possible online problems, although there are some that represent much simpler issues. Here are all the Error Codes in Destiny 2 and how to fix them.

How to Fix Error Codes in Destiny 2?

First of all, finding the Error Code name is simple – just look at the bottom part of the error message window when it pops up.

Once you know the name of your Error Code, find it in the list below for simple instructions on how to resolve it:

Error Code: Beaver

When two systems fail to connect to each other, you get the Beaver. If this connectivity error keeps popping up for you, try Bungie’s troubleshooting page to try and improve latency and packet loss in Destiny 2.

Error Code: Cabbage

The Cabbage error represents a typical connectivity issue that is usually related to firewall settings. To fix it, first be sure that you are indeed connected to the Internet, then try resetting the router. If that’s not enough, check your router’s settings, find the UPnP option and enable it. Disabling Assigned Games & Applications settings and Extended Security in your router settings might help as well.

Error Code: Cat

Cats are cool, but it’s not so great to get Code Error: Cat in Destiny 2. This error usually shows when you are in the game after a hotfix or a new update has been just released. To fix it, just exit and download the latest update and you should be good to go.

Error Code: Chicken

Getting a Chicken Code Error in Destiny 2 can only signify one thing – you have an issue with your Internet connection. Your game is unable to connect to the server because you are most likely disconnected. To solve it, reset your router or try a wired connection. If that doesn’t work, it’s possible that your Internet is down, in which case you should call your ISP or simply wait for it to start working again.

Error Code: Endive

This Error Code means you won’t be playing Destiny 2 tonight because it is server maintenance time. There is no fix for this one – you just have to wait it out.

Error Code: Honeydew

Honeydew means connectivity troubles on Bungie’s end. This occurs when a large number of people try to connect to the game at the same time, such as when a new update or expansion is released. With this Error Code, just as with the previous one, there isn’t much that you can do but wait and try again later.

Error Code: Moose

Being hit by the Moose isn’t fun, and that’s possibly how this Error Code got its name. What it means is that you have a general networking error so to resolve it you’ll need to close your game, start it up again, and hope for the best.

Error Code: Olive

Another kinda ambiguous error is Code Error Olive. You get this when there is a problem with the connection either on your or the server’s end. Olive is usually fixed by restarting your game, or if that doesn’t help try restarting your console or PC.

Error Code: Sheep

This Error Code may just as well be dubbed Black Sheep because it signifies that a player on your team does not have the most recent update and is consequently blocking you and the rest of your party from connecting.

Error Code: Stingray

The Stingray shows up when there is maintenance on your console’s online service, so this one is an exclusive problem for Xbox and PlayStation players only. The solution is, of course, to wait it out as there’s nothing you can do on your end.

Error Code: Weasel

Error Code Weasel can mean a variety of things. Most of the time, it is about network issues on the server, but it can also mean that you got banned or suspended. So, if you didn’t do anything wrong, just wait this one out or try restarting your router, console, or PC, and try again.

These are some of the most common Error Codes in Destiny 2 and simple ways to solve them. If you are bothered by another Error Code that is not listed above, visit the Bungie Help page and find your Error Code on the 11 long pages where all possible problems with the game are listed. As we said earlier, they really accumulated over time.

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