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Check Out FFXIV’s New Music Video for Flow & Cry With Us

Hencheforth, he shall walk.

by Jesse Vitelli

The official music video for the song Flow from FFXIV is out now. The video, which can be watched below, features cuts of different parts of the latest Endwalker expansion where the song debuted.

The video contains MAJOR ENDWALKER SPOILERS. Do not continue reading below or watch the video if you have not completed this FFXIV expansion.

Check Out FFXIV’s New Music Video for Flow & Cry With Us

The song Flow is a significant point in Endwalker where we begin to learn more about our dear mother Hydaelyn, her origins, and much much more.

The song was composed by Masayoshi Soken, lyrics written by Kathryn Cwynar and Natsuko Ishikawa, and vocals provided by Amanda Achen-Keenan.

The video takes us through some of the most pivotal scenes in Endwalker, walking us through the journey of the Warrior of Light.

We see our friends and foes that pushed us all the way to the end. Honestly, it’s hard to write this through the tears of seeing these characters again. Give it a watch if you need a good cry this morning.

FFXIV Endwalker concludes the Hydaelyn and Zodiark arc that has been going since A Realm Reborn.

The most recent patch, 6.1, began to introduce the next story beats our Warrior of Light, and the Scions will be looking into next, and also features plenty of new content like the Agalia raid arm, Dragonsong Reprise Ultimate Duty, and even a Nier pod mount to get.

Where else do we go from here? Well, our dear pal Emet-Selch has some ideas.

“Tell me, have you been to the ruins beneath the waters of the Bounty? Or the treasure islands beyond the frozen waters of Blindfrost, in Othard’s north? The fabled golden cities of the New World? The sacred sites of the forgotten people of the south sea isles? What about Meracydia, the southern continent? Do you know aught of its present state of affairs?”

We still won’t know exactly where we are headed until the next major patch, but for now, let the tears fall as the Flow music video, well, flows.

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