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All Hidden Achievements in Lost Ark Listed

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
All Hidden Achievements in Lost Ark Listed

Lost Ark is a very popular MMO that millions of people play every day. There are a few secret achievements in the game, in addition to the standard ones. Many of these are not difficult to obtain, but the problem is that without this guide, you would probably be unaware that they exist! Here are all the hidden achievements in Lost Ark, listed.

All Hidden Achievements in Lost Ark

For the list of secret achievements, along with instructions on how to unlock them in Lost Ark, see below.

Hidden Social Achievements in Lost Ark

  • Keeping Company – All you have to do for this simple hidden achievement is to be social. Send an invite to another player to join your party and have them accept it.
  • People Person – For this, you have to be much more social and gather 50 friends and add them all to your friends list!

Hidden Combat Achievements in Lost Ark

  • I Was Going Easy on You – To get this one, get yourself killed by a low-level zone world boss. An easy one for this is Rudric in Retharmis around level 40.

Hidden Quest and Story Achievements in Lost Ark

  • Wound to the Heart – For this, you need to complete the ‘Tragedy Written in Stone’ quest. Once you finish it, you will receive the Rethramis Adventurer’s Tome and the achievement.
  • Amen to Armen – This hidden achievement will be unlocked via the main story, you can’t miss it – just progress with the main quests.
  • One Who Chose the Chaos – Like the previous one, you will get this achievement for progressing the story.

Other Hidden Achievements in Lost Ark

  • Fill It Up – Fill up all six character creation slots; no need to even play as them.

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